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Vizio TV were once considered to be the manufacturers of inferior products in terms of their high definition televisions. However, their new range, called the XVT, has altered perceptions of the company with consumers and industry insiders alike. People have been impressed by the technology incorporated into these TV sets, the quality of their output, and their competitive pricing. The Vizio TV – XVT3D424SV 3D LED is one of the models in this range which is particularly impressive. So, we set out to have a look at this Vizio TV, review review it and tell you what we think.

Vizio TV 3D Razor Series – Ultra Thin

The XVT3D424SV Vizio TV has a forty-two inch screen size and is part of the Razor series named because of its extremely thin profile. It produces full HD pictures at 1080p. At this resolution there are over two million pixels displayed, therefore the picture quality is stunningly sharp and clear. The television also has a ten million to one dynamic contrast ratio, resulting in very deep, rich blacks, and bright whites. These effects are further enhanced by the smart dimming feature, which controls each zone of LEDs independently in order to produce the most vibrant and vivid colors. All this combined offers an image of amazing precision and superb contrasts.

Edge Lit Screen at 480Hz Refresh

This Vizio TV has edge lit LED technology. Its TruLED technology combines with the smart dimming feature to back light the TV is such a way as to make images exceptionally clear and well defined. In addition, this Vizio TV has a wide color viewing angle, meaning that wherever an image is being viewed from it will retain its vibrant colors. Some TVs can lose that vibrancy of color if you watch from a wider angle.

It also has a 480Hz screen refresh rate, which is the most detailed currently achievable. The TV is capable of displaying an astonishing four

Vizio TV

Easy To Use Remote With The Vizio XVT3D424SV

hundred and eighty scenes every second by combining 240Hz with a scanning backlight. This prevents any blurring or loss of detail during sports or movies with fast action sequences. However, some reviewers have commented that this can display a lot of extra detail due to this increased refresh rate. This can sometimes result in the backgrounds in movies and shows appearing to be very false, which can detract from the picture overall. Read our article on Refresh Rates for more information and our take on this.

Vizio XVT – Superb 3D TV

One feature of this Vizio HD TV which has to be mentioned is its 3D capabilities. The XVT series of televisions display full HD 3D images. The Theatre 3D technology which is incorporated ensures that the pictures are incredibly clear, and without the flickering which is seen in some 3D televisions.

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Great features on the Vizio XVT3D424SV

The pictures are also very bright and vivid. The glasses which accompany this Vizio 3D TV use active shutter technology. Active shutter glasses work by alternatively darkening and lightening the lenses on the left and right sides in time with the refresh rate of the television. This tricks the brain into seeing the images in 3D. One of the complaints about 3D has been that when the timing of the glasses is out images can appear to be blurred (this is what is termed “crosstalk”). The technology provided by the Vizio 3D TV should ensure that this is not the case, however.

Integral Wi-Fi

With wi-fi technology and easy access to the internet, this Vizio TV can be used for more than just watching television shows. Vizio Internet Apps allow a huge range of content to be utilized, including live video streaming, internet radio, and social networking sites. All of this can be controlled with a Bluetooth remote which has a slide out qwerty keyboard. The TV also has four HDMI ports and a USB port. With these wireless and connectivity options it can be seen to be a complete entertainment hub.

Vizio TV – Close To The “Big Time”!

Overall Vizio’s leap into the big league is very welcomed and the TV sets they are now marketing are very good indeed. They are full of great features and I am so happy to see integral wi-fi as standard. What I also like is that Vizio are keeping the price down. They haven’t quite reached the level of Sony or Samsung and are still a way behind LG, but…they now offer a stable product that offers an outstanding viewing experience with loots of good solid features and all this at excellent value for money prices. The Vizio XVT3D424SV is another excellent addition and you will be absolutely delighted if you are looking for a cost effective 3D TV solution that will provide excellent performance and viewing.


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