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Hello and welcome to the Best LED TV Review site. Here you will find all the latest news and reviews on everything to do with the latest LED TV sets as well as all of the New 3D LED TV sets that are released onto the market.
Every TV set that we review on the site has been viewed and the reviewed to help you make the right Best LED TV buying decision for your situation.

  • Is a set too big for your viewing area?
  • What’s the picture like close up and personal?
  • Is screen burn an issue on the latest LED TVs,
  • Or is it motion blur thats the problem?

Finally what’s happening with the latest technology in LED and 3D TV sets? Who is adding the best functionality and performance? Is 480Hz really the advance its touted to be and most importantly what’s happening with TV prices? Has 3D blurring been cured or is crosstalk (the technical term for 3D blurring) still a problem? certainly early 3D TVs suffered from blurring around the edges of the 3D picture and even more so if action “came out of the screen” towards the bottom corners.


3D TV Prices Coming Down

All these and many more questions are answered, for your benefit and with complete openness  here at Planet LED TV. If we don’t like something we’ll tell you – straight! If something is good, we’ll let you know about that too! And, we’d love to hear about your experiences, so please add to these pages with your own findings so that we can help more people ensure they buy the right LED TV or 3D LED TV

Best LED TV Deals

There are many places online to offer the best  LED TV deals. Some have faster delivery time frames while others have much longer lead times but drop the price of the led TV by 3-5% Which ever led TV deal you decide to go for when you decide to purchase your new LED TV consider the following:

  • How much is delivery or is it incorporated into the price?
  • Does this LED TV come with a warranty or is that extra?
  • What guarantee do I had on my new LED TV?
  • Will my new LED TV be future proof regarding new technology?
  • How environmentally friendly is my new TV?

So remember, while some led TVs offer cheaper overall pricing, what exactly do you get for your dollar? Pick wisely and do your research and you will get a great LED TV deal for sure.


Latest LED TV

Use this page as a quick reference guide to our latest LED TV reviews. We will always have this page updated with a list of our more recent six or so reviews so you can get quick and easy access to the latest information.

Sony XBR Range 3D LED TV – Check out the new Sony XBR Range of 3D LED TV sets. A bit pricey, yes, but big on technology and a stunning viewing experience

Sony 3D LED TV – KDL60EX720

Sony’s latest and biggest 3D LED TV – it’s a beauty!

Sony 3D LED TV – KDL55HX820

The 55 Inch 820, another superb 3D LED TV from Sony

Samsung 3D LED TV – UN55D8000

Oh what a gorgeous TV, Samsung’s new D range with ultra thin bezel makes 3D stand out even more! Wonderful stuff from Samsung – new for 2011.

Samsung 3D LED TV – UN46D6400

As above but just 46 Inches of pure delight! Better if you have a smaller viewing area.

LG 3D LED TV – 55LX9500

A great TV from LG, always solid and relia reliable great features and outstanding picture.

Vizio 3D LED TV

And the new Vizio 480 Hz a real step forward in the 3D LED TV market for Vizio, well worth a look!

Make sure you also check out our monthly top ten best sellers posting…normally put put up around the middle of the following month (as soon as we get the sales figures in).

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