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There are many benefits of a 480 HZ Refresh Rate and Vizio TV are one of the first to adopt this technology. Older televisions redraw the picture on their LED TV screen 60 (for very old sets) or 120 times per minute. As technology advanced, the refresh rate increased to 240 times per minute. The new Vizio TV’s refresh their screens 480 times per minute.

Vizio TV – HD 3D

What makes these new Vizio LED 3D TV models special is their superior picture quality. Picture quality is determined by the number of pixels that make up the screen and also the resolution refresh rate.

This faster refresh rate allows them to portray moving images in a much clearer fashion. In fact, one buyer described the picture clarity as “amazingly crisp.” No longer does an LED TV have to struggle to keep up with a fast pace action or sports sequence. Video games are also much clearer with a 480 refresh rate.

Color quality is affected not only by the LED array, but by how the TV deals with color changes from frame to frame. The new Visio 3D TVs use a full array screen display that  includes “smart dimming” technology which allows them to portray colors in a much clearer fashion. During high speed picture sequence changes, the faster 480 refresh rate also enables the color reproduction to keep up with the rapidly changing scenes. One buyer described the color quality as “absolutely brilliant.”

 Vizio TV and Internet

All of the new Visio 3D LED models come with a full featured  internet application software package built in. This allows you to set up your television to show high quality streaming video with a minimum of set up time. It is also possible to steam your audio files using wifi. Now you can manage your video and your  audio from your personal computer without the need for cumbersome cables.  In order to get the best picture quality with the least amount of buffering time several owners have recommended that you use at least a 10mps connection. This isn’t necessary but they say your experience will be improved.


Vizio TV Review

Sound quality was also deemed to be “very good” by most owners. In fact one buyer said that he didn’t really need his surround sound setup since the audio coming from the TV was so good.


Vizio 3D TV

The new lineup of Vizio TV sets are a major improvement in video technology. When you consider their color reproduction, their impressive moving image clarity and their great audio, they definitely stand out. The addition of built in internet capabilities makes them a best buy. “I finally know what a great TV should do” is how one buyer described  the new Vizio’s 3D LED TV XVT range.


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