Vizio TV Review

VIZIO XVT3D554SV 3D LED HDTVWho are Vizio? 12 months ago it would have been a valid question. Vizio TV sets no matter whether Vizio LCD or Vizio LED TVs were pretty shoddy. Yes, prices were cheap, and so was quality. However…things are changing! The latest Vizio 55 Inch 3D LED TV is an absolute stunner! With the XVT3D554SC, Vizio have upped their game and joined the big league…and at a very attractive price! So it’s time to give a good Vizio review!

Compare the picture on this new model to past Vizio efforts and it will take your breathe away. The picture is the main priority when you look at buying a new TV and in ther past its fair to say you would not have gone for a Vizio as first choice.


Vizio LED TV Reviews!

To be honest, I hadn’t even noticed the late 2010 release of this new Vizio 3D TV, until a Buddy pointed out that it had a screen refresh of 480Hz. Now that made me sit up and take notice. So far only LG are playing at that level. Sony’s 480Hz offerings are on pre-order now. And, then I noticed a really good review of the TV on Amazon…and then another. So, I bookmarked the page and checked again a week later. Another really good review.

So, I took myself off to my local store to see if I could search one out and have a look. It did take me a while to find a stockist, but in the end I found a store with a very obliging sales person and had a look for myself.

Now the first thing to say is that when TVs are being shown in store they really turn the color and brightness right up, I suppose it’s because of the neon lighting in store.

But still, it was a picture that demonstrated startling clarity. It was crisp and the images ere really “in your face”. The colors were a bit off, and I woulkd certainly have done some serious calibration, but bearing in mind it was on shop or more likely factory settings it was very impressive. Especially in the dark ranges.


True Vizio 3D TV

So, the acid test, what was 3D like on this Vizio LED TV? If you’re going 3D you’re doing so for a reason so it has to be good, and some are not! However, again I was very pleasantly surprised. The depth is really very good, as good as the new Samsung 3D’s I reckon…and that is saying something.The stability and clarity of the 3D image was excellent.


Vizio 3D TV

As always there is some crosstalk (3D image blur), but it was only at the very edges of the picture, generally the 3D image was sound. Most 3D sets these days have the ability to turn normal 2D images into 3D, that feature was not wodnerfully good on this TV! Having said that its patchy at best on most 3D TVs.


Some Other Interesting Facts About This Vizio 3D LED TV

Now, one of my crusades. Integral wi-fi – YES! Indeed, the XVT3D554SC has wi-fi as standard so you can hook straight up to your home network and get access to a whole load of great web content. A lot of it HD and some of it 3D. Vizio Internet Apps (or VIA as they like to call it) offers some great content. The set also has an Ethernet connection if you like to hard wire your TV up to the home network.

And, having VIA allows you access to all sorts of wonderful things inlcuding some fo social media via your TV. So, the remote as a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out from underneath the main remote control. How cool is that! I have to say I found it a little awkward to use and it was a bit awkward to use around the edges of the keyboard.



But if you’re used to Android of Blackberrys I think you’ll be O.K with it. And I’m sure I could get used to it.

This is more than just a TV…it’s an entire entertainment system! You will need to invest some time to get your set up right and to make the most of all of the plethora of incredible features this set offers. But your patience is rewarded!

Most people will never use all of them but there is something amazingly new and cool for everyone.

The LED backlit technology, 480hz refresh rate on the crisp 55 screen boastingĀ  full 1080p HD offers a stunning picture quality. And the integral wireless Internet gives us a real glimpse into the future of home entertainment. The 3D just adds another exciting dimension that you simply MUST experience to fully appreciate.

I was amazed because even my wife loved it when she came to meet up with me. This new Vizio 55 inch 3D LED TV is outstanding. Like the XVT3D554SC you should make your next TV backlit LED, in 3D and make sure it has the integral wireless and internet aps – the other manufactirers are starting to do this, most still insist on an “add on”. Also, like Vizio make sure you get firmware updates. This brilliant Vizio 3D LED TV offers all this here and now and makes it affordable too – highly recommended and I really didn’t think I was going to say that!