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Toshiba 55WX800U 55-Inch 3D LED TVReleased last September, the new Toshiba TV 3D, the 55 inch 55SL417is a stylish, LED TV that is sleek in appearance and has a black gloss framing bezel of under an inch in width.  Toshiba has called this their “ultra thin blade” design, and it is certainly not hard to figure out why. It also comes with a very stylish chrome trim that looks absolutely superb.

This Toshiba LED would be a perfect addition to any home theater or office environment. Sharp, crisp images make any movie really enjoyable.  And the 3D capabilities are sure to entertain the entire family with CineSpeed panel and ClearFrame technology ensuring the picture remains crisp and true for even the fastest paced action. This is especially so when coupled with a Blu Ray DVD player. In an office environment, this Toshiba LED 55 TV can engage your staff with training videos and much more with its internet accessibility.


Toshiba 3D TV

This beautiful breakthrough in 3D technology also offers full integral wireless capabilities. The built-in Wi-Fi provides you with access to Toshiba’s full NET TV options.  Offering more than just Internet TV Applications such as Hulu, Vudu, Amazon, and Netflix, you will also have access to a huge variety of other apps through Yahoo Widgets! which are based
on recent open source solutions. Currently available apps from Yahoo! Widgets include a calculator, full screen YouTube, and smart phone browser apps. You can also use Skype directly on your Toshiba 3D LED TV in order to communicate with friends, family, or work associates like never before.


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Other specifications include a TFT active matrix and DynaLight LED backlight technology screen. The Toshiba 3D TV 55 inch offers 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 1080p display format and a 120 Hz refresh rate. This means that the picture is clear and bright with an amazing depth of contrast. At the price this set offers an outstanding viewing experience for movies, sport and fast action sequences.


Toshiba LED 55″

The connectivity pack offers four HDMI ports as well as VGA (HD-15), and HDMI interfaces. The flat panel mount interface is 400 x 400 mm and this Toshiba LED TV weighs just 67.2 lbs. The Toshiba 55SL417 comes with a 1 year service a support warranty and is currently available at a variety of retail locations as well as online.


Overall this Toshiba LED offers a great viewing experience, superb 3D TV capabilities all at under $1,600. This has to be an outstanding Toshiba LED 55 buy.