Sony 55 Inch KDL55HX800 LED TV


A friend of mine got one fo these  Sony 55 Inch KDL55HX800 LED TV  as a “special” birthday present, so I went round for a quick look. He’d had the set for about a month and was getting pretty close to having the picture “bedded down” to the way he wanted it. So, it was a good time to assess the performance of this new Sony 55 Inch KDL55HX800 LED TV

Certainly he was “loving it”, especially the 3D. And that’s an interesting point…because so many people I know who have been really sceptical about 3D and then gone and got a 3D TV and end up absolutely loving it! Two issues for me with 3D, the glasses (as I already wear a pair) and the lack of 3D content.

It’s sad but there is far more 3D content available in the U.K than in the U.S. So, whilst people do love 3D, there is a definite need for more content. I understand that by winter (2011) there should be a lot more 3D content broadcast.

Having said that, the 2D picture on this set is quite amazing! The first thing that struck me was how really nice the black levels are on this Sony LED TV 55 inch model. If you compare it to cheaper sets, you’ll really notice the lack of depth and intensity on cheaper models. This will definitely show up against LCD TVs in particular, this is real “Plasma” black!


Outstanding Sony LED TV Picture

The colors are brilliant. Bright, crisp with superb clarity and contrast, it really is an outstandingly good picture.

If 2D is amazing, the 3D is stunning! I’ve watched a lot of 3D TV and certainly on the early sets there was a lot of 3D ghosting or crosstalk as I believe the HD TV Techies call it. This was particularly so in the peripheral vision areas (around the edges) and as images came towards you at speed. There was hardly any crosstalk on this set, which I was particularly impressed with.

Overall the 3D pictures are outstanding and depsite the issues with my own glasses, I am still in awe of 3D pictures.

This set can simulate 3D pictures on any source, but…wilst it was O.K, I didn’t think it was anywhere near as good as native 3D and is something I would probably leave alone…but do try it.

One other major benefit is the batteries in the Sony active shutter 3D glasses are replaceable on Sony 3D TV sets. This will rpovide a great long term saving as other brands need the glasses replaced once the batteries are no longer able to charge…and at $200 or so a pair, that could turn out expensive.


Gaming on the Sony 55 Inch  LED TV

Finally, 3D Gaming is beautiful! You just MUST try out Gran Turismo 5 in 3D (be warned though native 3D mode is hidden deep in the game options menu – don’t just go for the simulated 3D button on your TV’s find the proper native 3D option – its well worth it!

It’s easy and straight forward to assemble and set up. Light reflection on the screen is good and the remote is easy to use and intuitive.

The set has a good “jack-pack including four HDMI ports and that’s pretty good although standard on most sets even in the mid range these days.  You’ll have standard Component, Composite, Tuner, and PC inputs. All put very well on the back or side of the TV. 3D TV, and it can simulate 3D for ANY video, so it isn’t just 3D capable, it’s 3D ready. In addition it also has the internet aps I briefly spoke about and has all the basic features and inputs you want from a TV. Menu is very easy to use, as it the remote.


Overall this Sony 55 Inch KDL55HX800 LED TV  is an oustanding buy. You won’t very often go wrong with Sony and the KDL55HX800 is no excpetion. It;s an excellent LED TV for the price and is highly recommended.