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Vizio TVThe new Vizio TV, the XVT373SVprovides a truly great High-Definition TV experience. It consists of a combination of sophisticated high quality images, virtual immersive HD audio and also has an integral high quality Wi-Fi Internet connection.

It really does offer the ultimate home entertainment experience. You can enjoy TV shows, films, social networking, music, photographs and much, much more, all at the push of a button. A button that you can press on your premium Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard universal remote! Boys toys indeed!

From the technical point of view, it consists of edge lit RazorLED backlighting with Smart Dimming (more on this later) for a brilliant clarity of picture. It’s razor thin design makes it damn good to look at as well!


Vizio HD TV

Back to the tech…a 120Hz refresh rate which gives you a sharper, blur free images which when coupled with the full 1080p HD and 1,000,000 to 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio delivers a stunning picture on a 37 inch screen. With rich deep deeper blacks and brighter whites through contrast and dimension, this Vizio LED HD TV renders every image with an amazing precision, color and contrast.


Vizio TV Review

From the viewers piont of view this Vizio TV reall does give a superb picture quality. Some say it is simply amazing! The smart dimming is a really interesting features as well. Whilst it is not as effective as local dimming on a full-array LED, it does work well and definitely enhances the contrast. Whilst it doesn’t follow movement quite as well as local dimming it definietly enhances the image. The contrast and particularly shadow quality is really good, and the colors are bright and lively. The elevated color comparison can’t be overlooked in this HDTV either; colors that look usually grey on other TV sets uncover their subtle tones in this TV.


Vizio LED TV

At 37 inches, you don’t need the full range of LED Technology available, but with this Vizio LED you get more than enough to deliver an outstanding quality picture that is crisp and life-like.

The sound system, provides you with an “immersive virtual high definition sound experience” with SRS TruSound HD premium audio processing and SRS TruVolume which eliminates volume inconsistencies between programming. I guess the sound system is about as good as you get on a flat screen TV, it is better than many, but if you want a proper experience I would sill hook up a surround sound system for movies, action and sport.

As with all LED TV sets, the Vizio XVT373SVexceeds ENERGY STAR 4.1 standards and is therefore very energy efficient, it will help the energy bills. This Vizio XVT373SV creates very little heat, even if we use it for a long time.

One of the major highlights of this great Vizio LED has got to be the Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) feature. It comes pre-loaded with Flickr, Netflix,
Twitter, Rhapsody, Amazon Instant Video, VUDUU and Yahoo! TV Widgets. You need a high-speed internet connection for this content, and the XVT373SV has a Wireless-N adapter integral – Vizio are leading the way with integral wi-fi and well done Vizio, it is included in most Vizio TV sets. It does allow for an ethernet connection as well.


Vizio 3D TV

The bottom line is that the Vizio 3D LED TV the XVT373SV is an outstanding LED TV set. Indeed, just to confirm the amazing value for money, this set is currently selling on Amazon at just $598 (July 2011). If you have a smaller view area and are looking to upgrade to LED / 3D you won’t go far wrong with this 3D TV.

Vizio have eally improved their technology in the last 18 months, so this Vizio TV delivers superb performance at a very attractive price. I highly recommend you check this great value / high performance TV out.


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