Vizio M3D TV

Vizio is an upcoming brand that really hit the market hard with their XVT range of LED and 3D TVs about 2-3 years ago. Things are about to change again and Vizio are set to get even more reognition with the newly released Vizio M3D TV range. The design, quality and overall look of the Vizio M3D TV is easily compared to other high-end TV brands and it provides the same great quality that you expect – BUT provide it to you at a far more affordable price. That has to be good for the industry.

Viewing Experience

The Vizio M3D TV is a 3D enabled television set. This means that if you plan to watch movies that are made for 3D, you have no problem watching them on your Vizio 3D TV. The first thing to note is that the 3D images are crips and very, very clear – picture quality is issue No.1 for me! There no discernible blur (crosstalk) even in high-action, fast-paced sequences. For my money this TV makes the show that you are watching very realistic indeed – which is something you can’t always say about 3D TV.

Cinema 3D TV

Vizio M3D TVAll you have to do is to put on your 3D glasses (which look a bit like the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers) and can enjoy your 3D show. Not only will you enjoy your show but you will also look pretty cool doing it! Incidentally, this is a Cinema or Theater 3D TV which means the 3D glasses are passive. So, they are light and do not require batteries. This also helps reduce crosstalk, although some people suggest passive 3D can reduce the image crispness. I didn’t notice that at all on the Vizio TV.

The good thing about Vizio is that it is not only a 3D TV but it is also a Full HD TV. This means that even if you are not watching 3D shows, the image quality will still be very clear, clean and in ultimate high resolution. It has is equipped with 1080p which gives the highest definition among all types of HD TVs. You are assured of an outstanding and crips viewing experience whether you choose to watch a 2D or 3D show because of the superb image quality – Vizio call it “Crystal Clear Technology”.

The TV is 240 Hz on screen refresh so Vizio have pulled back from the 480Hz they were offering on the XVT range (read here about 480Hz LED TV to see what the market said).

Ease of Use

You can easily adjust the settings of the TV to compliment your lighting conditions. If you are watching in a well-lit room, you can make the screen brighter so that you can see the images more clearly. These options are very important to have the best viewing experience possible and Vizio gives you the options that you need to ensure a quality viewing experience every time. Generally speaking controls and the menu system are quite intuitive and easy to use.


The Vizio 3D TV uses LED lighting which means that it is more efficient in using energy. LED lights are the best type of lights for TVs today because they eat up less energy and they can produce a brighter light if needed which is necessary on TVs. Along with the Smooth Motion technology, you can see every detail even in high speed action scenes which you will surely appreciate.

The TV is surprisingly thin especially with all the good stuff that has been packed inside of it. The TV also benefits from integral WiFi (Pretty standard these days) so that it can connect to the internet without using a hardwire connection using your in-house wi-fi. This allows you to access movies or shows over the Internet easily and of course opens up the whole plethora of apps and social media through your TV.Oh and as an added bonus all of the apps and firmware update automatically as and when needed – another excellent benefit in my book!

Improved Sound

vizio m3d tv rangeIt also has an improved sound system. The TruVolume technology makes sure that you get a consistent loudness of sound all the time. You will not have to get shocked when a loud commercial comes on because the TV will automatically adjust the loudness for you – this is a real benefit. Regardless of this the sound technology is good in any case – the SRS Surround Sound technology is definitely a leap forward to Vizio and this set does sound remarkably good compared to early Vizio TV sets.

The TV also comes with a very cool remote. The remote will vary depending on the model that you get. The bigger TV gets a Bluetooth capable remote which means that you do not have to point it towards the TV to use it. All in all considering you get a fully functioning Smart, Cinema TV for just over $1,100 for the 55 Inch and under $900 for the 47 Inch the Vizio M3D TV range offers superb value for money compared to the performance you get across the board with this superb 3D TV.