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Toshiba TV 55WX800U 55-Inch 3D LEDIf you’re on the hunt for an LED TV, Toshiba is one of the world’s leading brands, with a number of models in a variety of screen sizes. Toshiba have also recently entered the 3D TV market and you won’t go far wrong with a new Toshiba TV as they have imrpoved massively in the last 12-18 months.

 Toshiba LED

For a 40 inch Toshiba LED TV, the UX series is worth considering. Though its design is basic, with little in the way of curves or color, the LED edge-lit 40UX600 is super-slim. Its 120Hz processor handles fast motion well and picture and sound quality is solid, if not outstanding. The 40UX600 is a very capable Net TV and also comes with a WLAN adaptor. Other 40 inch Toshiba offerings include the SL (412/417), UL (605) and VX (700) series.


Toshiba LED 55

If you would prefer to upsize to a 55 inch Toshiba LED TV, the UX, SL, UL and VX series are also available in this size. Take the Toshiba 55SL417UL 55 inches wide, but only 1.37 inches thick, the 55SL417U is another example of Toshiba’s ultra-slim engineering wizardry. Features include 120Hz processing, DynaLight brightness control and an impressive ability to upgrade SD content to full 1080p HD. Its Autoview feature automatically adjusts the picture to suit the time of day, lighting and picture source. This set also offers superb value for money at the moment.


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You may instead be looking for a 46 inch Toshiba LED TV. Again, all the models and series featured above come in 46 inch width. For the home cinema viewer, the 46VX700, with its true 1080p HD resolution and 5.1 surround sound is a big hit, especially considering it offers over three thousand HD movies on demand. Incorporating a special gaming mode and Internet access to Netflix, this model should also prove popular with PC users.


Toshiba 3D TV

To keep up with the latest in viewing technology, you might consider paying a little extra for a Toshiba 3D LED TV. Toshiba can offer the TL515, UL610 and WX800. The stylish WX800U, available in 46 and 55 inch versions, boasts 240Hz processing for that smooth viewing experience while it is also commended for its black-level performance. In terms of 3D viewing, the Toshiba WX800U is comparable to other LED HTV sets on the market and is certainly a top end Toshiba TV. Check out our full review on the Toshiba 55 Inch WX800U by clicking here.


Hot off the press…Toshiba have just joined the 480Hz race with their new Toshiba 3D TV the 55UL610U, check it out at Amazon, we’ll be writing a full review as soon as we can get to view one!


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