Toshiba TV – 55UL610U LED HDTV

Toshiba TV 55UL610U LED HD TVWe promised you a review of the new Toshiba TV the 55UL610U HDTV and here it is! There is no doubt that Toshiba is set to hit another home run with this amazing 3D TV.

As with any other Toshiba LED TV, this model is built with Toshiba’s Dynamic 3D LED technology. This is not only a Toshiba 3D TV, but it also offers oustanding 2D capabilities as well.


3D Toshiba TV

The display is handled in 1080p full high definition display. Coupled with Toshiba’s exclusive technology of 3D Resolution+the Toshiba TV will also give you sharper 3D images that are full and crisp even from non-full high definition 3D signals. This Toshiba 3D LED TV relies on the Active technology which provides the vivid images that customers have come to expect from the Toshiba brand. And, Toshiba have included what they call “CrossTalk Canceler” technology in this TV. Crosstalk is 3D image blur (normally around the outisde edges of the image).

The last Panasonic I watched as particularly bad with Crosstalk at the top of the screen. I didn’t realize I hadn’t noticed crosstalk on this Toshiba TV until after I have finished watching! Now that is a big step in the right direction for 3D! The Toshiba 55UL610U 3D TVis offered with an exclusive and original Quantum Black LED panel. This piece makes black and shading with better character and depth of images. These contrast with the enhanced highlights of the set and allow you to enjoy movies and television even more and give a simply stunning viewing experience.


Toshiba LED 55

With this new Toshiba LED 55 you will have access to ClearFrame 480Hz technology. You can keep up with the intense speed and action of your favorite racing movie with the high resolution and high refresh rate.This amazing 480 Hz screen refresh ensures images remain crisp and clean even during the most frantic action. The screen itself is fitted with a CrystalCoat Contrast Enhancer covering. This covering works to stop reflections of light on the screen which can dampening the color of what you are watching, so your colors remain bright and true. The set itself is covered with a thin metal “Blade” design. The set has a chrome trim and also comes with an illuminating remote control.It looks absolutelty amazing, even when it’s not switched on!


Toshiba TV 55

In conjunction with Yahoo! Widgets, Toshiba is offering NetTV. This will allow you to connect with your Yahoo contacts, download movies, peruse news outlets and post artistic creations online. The combination of Yahoo! and Toshiba is bound to be a powerhouse in the months to come after the release of this brilliant Toshiba 3D TV. The connectivity pack is also extensive and includes:-

  • HDMI: 4 (HDMI w/CEC) and 1 (HDMI InstaPort)
  • Component: 1
  • Composite A/V: 2
  • RF (antenna): 1
  • Hi-Res PC Input: 1
  • Digital audio output: 1
  • Analog audio input: 1
  • RJ45 Ethernet Port: 1
  • USB: 1


Toshiba TV Reviews

Past Toshiba TV Reviews have paid homage to the sparkling clarity of picture that Toshiba TV models produce. But this latest release, the Toshiba 55UL610U 3D TV, is bound to provoke even more positive reviews as it is a bvig step forward in the evolution of Toshiba TV. In short this is an excellent Tv, producing a superb viewing experience in 2D or 3D and is full of easy to use functionality that we absolutely love – highly recommended.


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