Toshiba 3D LED TV With No Bezel

Toshiba has revealed that it considers its latest release, the new Toshiba 7200 (as well as 6200) Smart 3D TV as the best one let it be in terms of software, design or image quality. Its new “bezel-less” look that the firm has provided it with has successfully pushed it to a new level. It seems, its bezel less or extremely thin bezels that is the latest ‘in’ thing for TV sets with more companies set to join the craze sooner than later. If the bezel free models made one to think that the presence of the bezel does not matter much, one has to actually view the new Toshiba (as well as the new bezel less set from LG) 3D TV to see what the future will be like. The set can give 240Hz which is not that appreciable but any anything above 120Hz is quite acceptable. Something that we really need to make a note of is that the television set is equipped with Passive 3D technology. As a result the glasses to be used would be available at a much cheaper rate (less than $15). But as far as quality is concerned folks still would prefer active 3D over passive 3D. The only problem is that the glasses which come compatible with the set are more expensive.

DNLA Compliant

Being a DLNA the smart TV can stream from countless home media servers and other devices that it connects to. An appreciable number of features termed as “Smart” such as media guides, web browsing apart from “classic” smart TV apps have also been added. The DLNA helps 3D contents to stream into the TV set. Making use of the integrated infra-red (IR) controller the Toshiba Tablet owners can also control the set.

This new step taken by the firm to launch a “bezel-less” would surely help the firm improve its business.

Toshiba 7200 3D TV