Toshiba 3D TV – 55L6200U

Toshiba have been making a real push into the LED and 3D TV market recently so we sent our roving reporter out to a store in downtown Seattle to check out the new Toshiba 3D TV 55L6200U – this is what he had to say!

toshiba 3d tv 55L6200USince the invention of the TV, there have always been great efforts mafde to improve it! Indeed it is on on-going process – but boy does it deliver some amazing pieces of machinery these days! When TV was first introduced, it was black and white. Then came color! Next was the remote control making TV viewing much comfortable by allowing you to channel hop right there from your favorite armchair! A huge number of innovations have been witnessed since.

Today we can have extensive range of TVs like LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LED (Light Emitting Diode) and many more. And, the Toshiba 55L6200U is one such modern-day TV catering to all your possible needs in these days of twentieth century TV viewing.

Advanced Technology

Toshiba is a Japanese company based in Tokyo. Equipped with world famous Japanese technology, Toshiba is now starting to give the multinational electronic giants (Sony, Samsung) a run for their money. The company provides wide range of TVs and their latest model, the 55L6200U, delivers on all fronts boasting all of the most up to date features you have come to expect.

With a sleek 55 inch screen this TV offers passive, or cinema 3D, so the lighter less intrusive 3D glasses (that don’t flicker so much). The 55L6200U is also a Smart TV with integral wi-fi on board. This is great as it allows you to hook up directly to the Internet and gives you access to an amazing amount of content and apps as well. The apps include Netflix, YouTube and VUDU and it also includes Toshiba “MediaShare” which allows you to share content with ant other wi-fi enabled device in the home.

And…this model offers something called TRAC which allows you to connect with your tablet. You just download the TRAC app to your tablet and you can share content – very cool. The app comes with something called MediaGuide which is essentially a full online encyclopedia another very cool innovation.

Crisp, Clean Pictures

The biggest difference between Toshiba 55L6200U and other models of same range is the Clear Scan 120Hz feature. Basically this doubles the screen refresh rate to ensure the picture remains true and crisp even druing the most hectic action sequences. This coupled with Toshiba’s CQ (Cinema Quality) Engine (which is a dual core processor) does deliver you an amazing quality of picture.

This is helped by the anti-judder technology which is also in this TV. Whislt the difference is marginal, sports and action sequences are that little bit crisper if this feature is switched on so I would suggest you do leave it on. I have to say I was watching a replay of Monday Night Football when I viewed and the action was absolutely stunning. Toshiba have definitely made a mark in passive 3D TV with the 55L6200U.

The TV also has daylight sensor mode which is really nice. According to the room and the content, the TV adjusts the backlight intensity itself. Isn’t that great?

toshiba 3d tv55L6200U remoteThe new CQ Engine also offers passive 2D to 3D conversion. I’m not gerenally a fan of converting 2D to 3D the picture is never as good, this set does make a decent fist of it. Moreover, this model has a full web browser and the remote comes equipped with a mini QWERTY keyboard – which I like.

Cinema TV – Passive 3D Glasses

Final word, I definitely prefer passive 3D glasses as opposed to the heavier and more cumbersome active shutter 3D glasses. These glasses are quite light weight and can be fitted on any kind of regular glasses conveniently. It makes pictures on the TV even more real and alive.
The picture quality of the TV is really exceptional. The colors look so rich and the black looks so deep making the contrast simply superb. And most amazing thing is there is no soap opera effect anywhere (thankfully). Images are clear and stable which, when coupled with the contrast does make for an outstanding viewing experience. At the price (just under $1,500 at the time of writing), this Toshiba 3D TV 55L6200U offers excellent value for money when you look at the quality and features this excellent TV delivers.