Sony 3D TV – KDL60EX720 Review

Sony BRAVIA 3D LED HDTVThere is currently a lot of excitement about a Sony KDL60EX720 3D LED TV which is new to the market. The Sony KDL60EX720 3D TV has some very impressive specifications and picture quality. For anybody thinking of buying one it is important to firstly understand exactly what this Sony LED TV offers.


More About The KDL60EX720

Firstly, this is an 3D LED TV with full HD at 1080p and a sixty inch screen. It has two speakers utilising S-Force front surround sound. It also has full 3D capability. These specifications are all to be expected in a top of the range TV, so the factors setting this particular TV apart from the competition have to be considered.


The Sony LED TV KDL60EX720 incorporates some unique Sony innovations and technology. The first is Motionflow with a refresh rate of 240Hz. This allows individual frames to be refreshed much quicker that a normal TV, with the result of a smoother, clearer picture with less motion blur. The TV also has active shutter technology to produce the same effects in 3D, namely a smooth, crisp picture with no blurring.

Picture quality is also improved with Sony’s new X-Reality Engine, which is the processor allowing higher quality Internet video viewing.  It features Sony’s Intelligent Image Enhancer, which automatically enhances video components such as color, contrast, texture, and outlines. This is vital since this particular Sony 3D LED TV is an Internet TV incorporating forty services including Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon VOD.

In general the picture produced by this  Sony LED TV 60 is of an outstandingly high quality for the reasons already mentioned. Colors are bright and vivid, and the LED backlighting improves contrast so the blacks are very black and the colors stand out. It also has a matte screen to reduce glare. There have been some concerns raised that the black levels are somewhat lighter than they should be, and that there are occasional blue tints, but I don’t agree! However, all in all the picture quality provides a fantastic viewing experience, especially in 3D mode where images are sharp and jump right out at you.

This Sony 3D TV 60 has an impressive array of Internet features. It is Skype and wi-fi ready, although a separate USB adapter has to be purchased in order to use the wi-fi function (one of my bug bears!). It also has a built in web browser. As well as the Internet services already mentioned it also features Sony’s Qriocity for streaming movies, music, and games.

In terms of connectivity, the Sony LED TV includes four HDMI inputs, one composite video, and one component video. It also has two USB ports and an Ethernet port. It has a PC input, and a separate headphone jack with volume control. In short, it is well equipped for all connecting needs.

The Cost

The Sony KDL60E720 3D TV is an attractive looking TV with a glossy black finish. It is extremely energy efficient, with an automatic switch off feature which is actually a motion detector. This clever feature switches off the TV if there is no movement in the room. It’s certainly true Sony LED TV prices are at the higher end, but at circa $3,000 this does offer high end technology and functionality and a stunning picture to boot.

In general, the numerous features incorporated into this TV, and the technology driven picture quality, results in an exciting and impressive viewing experience. Highly recommended if you are looking for a larger screen Sony LED TV to give a true cinematic experience.


Sony 3D TV

Sony KDL60EX720