Sony LED TV 55 – KDL55HX820

What has Sony got on offer for the latest LED TV? Released in March 2011 is the Sony KDL55HX820 55 Inch 3D TV. Let me say right up front I am a Sony fan, and normally you just can’t go wrong with a LED TV by Sony, even though I’ve never owned one myself, I have watched quite a few. And, I have a few concerns about this new model.

Firstly the Sony 3D TV KDL55HX820 pricing just seems to be a little bit out on this TV. Why? Well, I recently wrote a review on the base KDL55HX800 which is a great LED TV and comes in at a great price of around $1,900. That is real value for money for a top end Sony 3D LED TV. However this new model is priced at around $3,400. That seems a bit steep to me, especially when there is a new range of 480Hz Sony LED TV sets due in the mid to late summer.


Sony 3D TV KDL55HX820 Review Cont…

The other thing that worries me slightly is that the 3D images weren’t the best on this LED TV. There was more blurring than I expected, particularaly if there were very light colors over very dark…this is something I’ve not seen before, even on the HX800. I would expect this blurring around the edges maybe and into the corners of the projected image, but not in central areas.

So, if Sony are so good, there has to be a trade off, and there is – big time. Firstly the set in Internet ready and has integral wi-fi. If you read my reviews you’ll know this is something I have been campiaging for so well done on that Sony. Is it worth a $1,500 premium? Probably not so you’ll need another very good reason to buy this particular Sony 3D LED TV.

And that comes with the 2D picture this set produces. Whilst the set only has edge-lit as oppsoed to local dimming the Opti Contrast contributes to one fo the bets 2D pictures I’ve seen, it is quite brilliant. Sony will tell you that it is the X-Reality PRO dual chip processing engine that is responsible, come what may, it is a great 2D picture. And the 480Hz simulation helps reduce picture judder to virtually zero.

And there are other technological advances that all add to the brilliance of the picture and of course the price. These include Motion 480, X-Reality Pro (mentioned above), Intelligence Prescence sensor (tells you and adjusts if you’re too close and turns off if no one is in the room) and energy saving lights sensor for optimal picture.

Sony 3D TV Internet Ready

I guess one of the main benefits is that this LED TV is completely Internet ready. The whole host of content you can now stream (including some 3D) is growing by the way. You can view pretty much whatever you want online, and this Sony 55 Inch LED TV makes it easy. It is fully ready to plug straight into your broadband and can even do so wirelessly, which is a big benefit.

So, is this Sony LED TV worth the premium? Well, it does have some excellent features and the normal 2D picture is nothing short of stunning in terms of clarity, contrast and its ability to look so real. But, the difference is right at the margin if I’m honest. With another Sony LED TV release due in the summer I think I would be tempted to hold fire for the time being. At least, if nothing else, the price of the KDL55HX820 will have come down somewhat by then.