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samsung led tv

Samsung Make Some of the Most Advanced LED TV Sets

Enjoy a cinema-quality 3D experience with the new Samsung LED TV 55 inch 3D masterpiece. 3-Dimensional televisions add a new level and dimension to viewing larger-than-life television and movie experiences. 3D Glasses sync up with your Samsung 3D TV in order to create 3D images which virtually leap right off from the screen. Your favorite television shows can even be transformed to 3D shows in real time for that ultimate “reality” TV viewing experience.

Indeed, the ultra thin bezel (just 0.2 inches) makes the 3D image stand out even more. I guess that’s why Samsung have gone to such a thin surround…it also looks amazing by the way, it’s like a beautfiul window into another 3D TV world!


Samsung LED TV Review

This Samsung LED TV is Wi-Fi ready and Samsung Apps offer a growing collection of applications specifically built for their TVs which links you to your favorite electronic content like sporting events, movies, social media, games, and much more. With web applications on your 55 inch Samsung 3D TV, you can stream content from Blockbuster, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora and ESPN. Smart TV even lets you check out your recent Tweets on Twitter or posts on Facebook, although I’m not sure this will catch on? Samsung say they know “what matters most to you” and now they have incorporated it into a powerful 3D TV. But I have to ask…would you allow the kids to monopolize the main family TV for Facebook though?

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The Samsung 3D TV even has the capability to sync with a variety of different devices using AllShare. Sync up your digital devices including your camera, cell phone, and multiple PCs. This revolutionary feature allows you to enjoy photos, movies, and music from your other digital devices on your Samsung 3D TV 55 inch screen.

Perhaps the most amazing feature is that this breakthrough 3D TV is a mere 0.31” in thickness. That is less than half an inch! It is 51.0” x 30.8” and weighs just 56 lbs. It includes 4 HDMI rear inputs, 1 Ethernet port, 2 USD 2.0 ports, as well as an AV input and other jacks, inputs, and outputs.


Samsung 3D LED

This Samsung LED TV has a game mode, v-chip, sleep timer, closed captioning, and offers the latest in 3D and LED TV technology. Most stores are selling this set with the Samsung 3D TV starter pack which is great for getting you up and running with 3D and also includes a few movies (including Shrek 3 – got to love it).

As always, audio isn’t wonderful through the LED TV itself, but with such an amazing picture and brilliant 3D, this Samsung 3D TV 55 inch is the perfect addition to bring alive any home theater system. It is available in a variety of retail stores and online, please check out our preferred 3D LED TV partners for the best deals on this Samsung LED TV.