Samsung UN65C8000 3D Led TV

Samsung UN65C8000 3D Led TVIf you read my review on the 65C6500 you’ll know that I suggested maybe waiting for a 240Hz version of the Samsung 3D LED TV at 65 Inches. As impressive as the 6500 is, the Samsung UN65C8000 is a major step forward. Will full 240Hz and 1080p the new 65 Inch C range offers stunning 3D with the most advanced technology. The 3D picture is simply the best I have seen.

The ticket price is still high, but Planet LED TV are able to offer an amazing $600 discount in you get in and buy now. 3D sources are now growing rapidly, this is an outstanding purchase if you want to make the move to 3D and have the room to accomodate a 65 inch screen.


Samsung 3D TV Review

I know this because I was privvy to a trade show viewing of this new Samsung beast just a few days after its release. I managed to blag a ticket to a cool Samsung trade show in Seattle!

I have to say this new Samsung 3D LED TV the UN65C8000 didn’t disappoint.

Samsung wax lyrical about the picture in their brochure- and they are right – it’s stunning! There are only so many superlatives you can talk about about clarity, vibrant colors, deep blacks etc, but the picture was genuinely brilliant. I was really “blown away” by it. In particular skin tones and shadows made th image look, well, so real! I’ve watched hundreds of HD TV sets and fro such a big TV this is the best picture I’ve seen.


3D Samsung LED TV

So, what else do you get? As I said it’s full 1080p, 240 Hz HD and the set is 3D ready. The 3D demo on show and Samsung Active 3D glasses used

Samsung UN65C8000

Superb 3D Images on the UN65C8000

for the demo were the same as I got in London last year. It was the canyon demo and those water splashes on the screen again made me jump! They showed some trailers from the new Star Trek movie in 3D. I had seen Star Trek in 3D before but it I am still in awe of 3D, especially when they dive off the platform, I just love that.

I do like 3D, definitely. But I wear specs, I just don’t get on with lenses! It’s a fact that the 3D glasses get a little uncomfortable after a while when worn over normal glasses. And its an issue that is never mentioned in ANY HD promo I have seen. Wether it’s here, the U.K, Canada, it’s the same and is an issue that’s being (wrongly) swept under the carpet!

It’s a shame because 3D is here to stay especially as more and more content is becoming available.


This Samsung LED TV  has connectivity covered.

Internet@TV offers all of your favourite digital content at the press of the remote. You can also hook up your digital camera or camcorder, access videos playlists and there is an enhanced game Mode which is stunning.

In the past Game Mode has not been wonderful on Samsung LED TV sets (in my opinion), but Samsung have addressed this on this new  samsung 3D TV and on the 7000 series LEDs in general. They were running a preview of “Michael Jackson – The Experience” on an HD Wii and it was great fun and amazing game play quality. A digital tuner is incorporated so there you won’t need a set top box and “AllShare” allows you to wirelessly sync up any other wireless device in the house. So you can make all of your digital content readily available through the set.

So…now I have a huge problem. There’s no getting away from it – I want one! Yes, I know I said I was  going to sit on the 3D TV fence for a while, but I hadn’t seen this Samsung 3D LED TV in action when I said that! However, this 3D TV is expensive at circa $5k. But it is top end stuff. And, you do need that BIG viewing area as well!

This Samsung 3D LED TV is such a beautiful thing….both on and off. With the touch of color in the slate grey surround and the way it bursts into life with such a stunning clarity, all logic is defied! Will I get the spend agreed by my wife though?