New U.K “Player” Apps on Samsung Smart TV Sets

The BBC and Samsung have announced the launch of the ITV Player app giving seven days catch-up TV to Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray owners right now. The quick move means ITV have beaten rival UK network, the BBC in launching a TV app in Samsung’s Smart TV store.

ITV Player comes to Samsung connected devices

The app can run on 2011 and 2012 Smart TV and connected Blu-ray models which let viewers watch TV as well as access a range of web content such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter apps. But a big attraction is the availability of catch-up TV services as well.

Speaking about the app, James Micklethwait, ITV’s online product director said, “We want to give more viewers the opportunity to watch ITV content On Demand in their homes. Connected TVs have come of age in the last year, and therefore we are very excited to partner with Samsung to launch ITV Player onto their Smart TV platform.”

Speaking for Samsung UK, Robert King, electronics vice president said, “Viewers are no longer restricted to the TV guide and can watch hours of top-quality entertainment when they like.”

The ITV Player app is available for download now in the Samsung Smart TV store right now.


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