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Philips have come out with a new 3D TV offering that is quite smart in features and yet low in cost. The 40PFL5507 set is based on active shutter technology and comes at a price of S$1,799. However, though it boasts of high class A/V add on options, yet there are some features which are missing and one needs to consider them before going for the set just due its low cost factor.

Before discussing the shortcomings though, let us see the feel good factors of the set. To start with, the bezel of the set is made up of a metal that gives it a stylish look and also protects it from getting smudged by finger prints. The screen is a 100 Hz LED edge lit panel and the speaker system of the set itself is much higher than what we find on other TV sets. It has a 15W, two speaker system inbuilt. Even the viewing glasses that Philips gives with the set are lightweight at just 31g. The viewing glasses have batteries that can be charged via USB.

Cool Apps

For connectivity the set is capable of connecting to the net via an easy onscreen menu layout. There is App Gallery which can be accessed by the set from which one can download applications. All of this can be done via a centralized dashboard that can be evoked at the touch of a button on the remote. Also, with iOS and Android remote apps, other common tasks such as navigating apps or text input has been made all the more simple. That’s not all as the one can also attach a USB keyboard and mouse to the set.

Ports that are available on the 3D TV for connecting external devices include four HDMI ports and three USB ports. One can attach a USB hard drive to the set and thereafter be able to control the live program at their own discretion. One can also connect smart phones or tablets and laptops to the set via Wi-Fi feature of the set.

Coming to the limitations of the Philips 3D TV, the standard browser provided is quite limited and does not even have flash compatibility. One also cannot open multiple pages with the browser. The set also has a SCART socket which has its own limitations in operations.

Overall the set is worth its cost when compared to the other active shutter based TV sets that can be got in the market. There is the Samsung UA40ES6200 that has lesser number of ports and features and comes at near about the same cost as the Philips offering. Also, the Sony Bravia KDL-40EX750 set is priced at $1,599 but has no Wi-Fi feature.

What all of the above points out to is that the Philips 40PFL5507 3D TV is indeed worth a look if you are in the market for a decent 3D TV that won’t require you to break your bank.

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