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Television makers have always endeavored to make real life images appear on their TV screens for viewers to enjoy their effects in the cozy warmth of their own homes. This would ensure viewers need not always have to go to the nearest theaters for enjoying such an experience where privacy is usually the last thing they can expect to have. A perfect 3D TV set to complement an enriching home theater system can be the right solution. One TV set that has taken large strides in this direction is the Panasonic TC-P55VT30 3D TV. This is a HD capable 3D TV which has also won the Gold in the Top Ten Review award.

One has to consider quite a few issues though prior to putting in the big money into a 3D TV for this as a product is nothing compared to a house or a car, the other assets that people do put in large amount of money. Panasonic however, in its TV products has done lots of technological advances and their vibrant colors speaks a lot of the standard.

Pansonicv Viera 3D TV 55

The Panasonic 3D TV is based on active technology where one has to wear glasses that are quite costly when compared to the ones used for passive TV sets. There is however the instant 3D effect that one gets while using the 3D viewing glasses which are required for active based 3D sets. The passive glasses does have different viewing effects on different individuals and at times have led to nauseous feeling amongst viewers. The active shutter viewing glasses have mechanism on them that operates the shutter depending on what should be seen by the viewer. No work is to be done by the viewer for this case.

Robb Report magazine awarded the Panasonic Viera VT series the best in 2011. In their words: “No display panel on the market bests the picture of Panasonic’s Viera VT plasma models.”


The set has analog and digital input as well as output provisioned in its set. The labeling of the ports are very clear and at the rear of the set. One can also connect the set to their personal PC or even the network. For attaching other input devices like Blu-ray player or gaming device etc, the set has four HDMI ports. There is no dearth of input ports in this case.

There is also the 2d to 3d conversion circuitry in the set. The technology which the Vierra set uses for this conversion renders clearer pictures and is something that other sets cannot compare. One can therefore view content from DVD and Blu ray players with great clarity on their Panasonic set. The game players also would love this set given the fast pace at which the set works.


The refresh rate of the set is 600 MHz, which is by far the fastest that is available in the HDTV series which we find in the market. Other sets have a refresh rate of just 480 Hz.

One gets clearer image therefore in both 2D as well as 3D. There is also the fact that this being plasma based set, the images are displayed using the gases which has its ions charged electrically. There is no use of LED in this case. The set is therefore thin in dimension but is yet capable of producing a vibrant color output.

In case of the 56 inch model of the Viera VT series from Panasonic, one would get a resolution of 1920 x 1080, which gives it a near movie hall like display effect. The set comes with a default aspect ratio of 16:9 which can be changed by the viewers to 4:3 also.

Compared to the 65 inch the 55 inch set has a viewing angle of 178 degrees and the contrast ratio is 5 million pixels. For those who are new the viewing angle indicates the various angles from which one can view the screen with its images and the contrast ratio refers to the brightest white light on screen to the darkest black. Moving away from the set provides for better 3D effect in this set.


The set comes with a set of 3D glasses also included in the price. What’s more, the glasses are also quite fashionable in looks. One also gets a table top with the price of the set as well as a remote control which can be used with other connected devices of the set. To connect the set with the Wi-Fi a USB adapter is also provided for the same price.


Even though the cost of the set is high, it is yet advisable to invest money in the best product as the technology that is being used in this set is the latest and to stay for some time. The clarity of the picture and the other features makes this set the best buy even though at higher price that we get for the budget TV sets.

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