LG UD TV – 84 Inch Screen

LG UD TVWow – we just got sent this amazing picture from the KES trade show in Korea. We don’t have ANY other news yet, so this is a very short article… but this is believed to be the public debut of the new (amazing new) LG UD TV – an 84 inch 3D screen that viewwers were absolutely wow’ed by.

Curved Screen?

And…is that a curved screen? Is this how to combat crosstalk (3D image blur)?

We simply cannot WAIT to see one of these monsters in close up action and – obviously we’ll bring you more news as we get it here at Planet LED TV. With Sony, Samsung and Panasonic still moaning about OLED development costs and fighting amongst themselves, we have to ask…has LG stolen a march with the 84 Inch LG UD TV – could well be.