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Electronics giant LG is fast gaining a reputation for producing high quality, technologically advanced, and more importantly affordable LG TV sets. One of their most impressive TVs is the recently released LG 55LW6500. This LG 3D LED TV has a great spec which I’ll go into in some detail this LG SMART TV review.



The LG55LW6500 smart tv is packed full of features and high specifications. It is an LG TV LED lighting showing pictures on a fifty-five inch screen in full high definition at 1080p. It is a SmartTV with 3D capabilities, including 2D to 3D conversion. To get a true impression of the quality of this television it is necessary to examine its features in more detail.

 LG Smart TV LG55LW6500

Smart TV

As the LG55LW6500 is a Smart TV it works as an entertainment hub. It has its own unique web browser for easy surfing of the internet. The remarkably user friendly interface means that videos and movies can be downloaded at the touch of a button. This TV is controlled by LG’s motion controlled Magic Remote, which makes the menus in the Smart TV extremely simple to navigate.

The TV is also Wi-Fi ready, thereby negating the need for any wires when connecting to a home network and the internet. This LG TVs connectivity in general is very impressive. It has four HDMI ports, which should be enough for any entertainment enthusiast. It also has two USB 2.0 ports, two each of AV and component in, one RF in, one RGB in, one LAN, one PC audio in, and one digital audio out. In short, it includes everything that is required to connect to a variety of devices.


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As impressive as these features may be, the most important aspect of any television is the picture quality. The LG55LW6500 does not disappoint in this regard either. LG have developed their LED plus technology to ensure that their televisions have greater brightness and picture clarity. The technology utilises local dimming to improve contrast, thus giving darker blacks and more vivid colours. Pictures are also made crystal clear with this LG TV’s full high definition capabilities, and a screen resolution which is almost double that of standard definition TV’s. Fast moving images retain their sharpness using TruMotion technology at 240Hz, meaning that sports, action movies, and video games can be seen with no blurring.

The picture quality does not diminish when watch images in 3D. This television is part of the LG TV 3D range, meaning that it has full 3D capabilities. Each set comes with four pairs of 3D glasses to enjoy films and programmes in three dimensions. The engine used to drive these 3D images is LG’s Cinema 3D technology, which aims, as the name suggests, to give a viewing experience similar to being at the cinema. Therefore images are sharp and bright, and can be viewed from almost any angle without any loss in picture quality. The sound system also adds to the cinema experience, as this LG LED TV incorporates an Infinite 3D Surround Sound system.



It can be seen then that the specifications for this LG 3D LED TV are very impressive, and the resultant picture quality does not disappoint. The inclusion of 3D technology is a very exciting development, and the fact that it is a SmartTV means that it is multifunctional. The final feature highlighting the quality of this TV is that it is Energy Star qualified, meaning that it is recognised as being energy efficient.


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