LG Infinia LX9500 3D LG LED TV

LG LX9500 240 Hz LED TV

The LG LX9500 – A Great 240 Hz 3D LED TV

I have said that I expected LED TV prices to fall this year and I am delighted to see prices tumbling all over the place! I am writing this particular post today because of the great price I have just seen on this amazing 3D LG LED TV the new 55 Inch LX9500 version.

My first ever HD TV was an LG, so I have been a fan since the very first flat screens. Yes it’s true the major brands are probably slightly more technically advanced, but LG are coming up on the rails fast and if you buy a 3D LG LED TV you get excellent value for money. A great mix of features, picture quality against price. So, I felt it only right to bring your attention to the latest price for this stunning LG LED TV today.

LG LX9500

So, what’s the TV like if you’re thinking of adding to cart? I was going to go down to the local Best Buy and have a look when I got an unexpected call. My Mum had decided it was time to go Digital and HD (bless) and had set a budget of $3,000 to get kitted out, so I took her to Best Buy with me!

We had a good look at the LG and a few others, we went back to her place, got on Amazon (because the price is so good) and she got an LG LED TV 55 Inch LX9500

 LG LED TV Review

So, what was it like?

Firstly the design is stunning. The ultra thin bevel means that this LG LED TV is borderless (virtually), it makes it look like a window! I have to admit it was a little bit weird to start off with, but we soon got used to it as we were just blown away by the picture quality.

Its not very often that you can marvel at a picture straight out of the box, but LG have done a really good job with the factory settings and the picture was amazing. I had a play with the settings, but in the end Mum liked it pretty close to the way it came out of the box.

The images are so sharp and bright and the contrast is stunning. I guess at 480Hz it should be. Now I have heard rumblings about 480Hz LED TVs making backgrounds look a bit tacky. We watched a clip from Avatar (via Blu Ray), some sport on HD (sorry Mum), a few clips from the HD Movie channels and about 10 minutes of “V” Series 2. Not a very scientific cross section to be fair as it was all fairly recent stuff, but I didn’t notice backgrounds looking “cheap”. Even TV series like “V” tend to use the best CGI these days, it may be different if you were going to watch stuff from, say, the 80’s. However, the set produced pictures of stunning clarity and beauty.

Mum was totally gobsmacked that TV could be so good!



To make up her budget Mum also got two pairs of LG AG-S100 3D Active Shutter Glasses and an LG BD570 Blu Ray player. She even had enough left over to buy some 3D Blu Ray discs deciding that Mosters v Aliens for her young grandaughter would be a great idea! So, of course we had to have a watch!

I love this film anyway and I have to say, having wathced a fair bit of 3D TV at exhibitions, demos and friends
houses, the 3D on this LG LED TV 3D is as good as any I’ve seen. The images remain crisp and clear and I hope it wasn’t me being biased, but it seemed that the blurring you get right in the very corners of the 3D image seemed far less on this TV. The dpeth of the 3D image was very good indeed and certainly made Mum flinch a good few times…which of course was highly amusing!



Overall I have to say LG have done a superb job with the new LG LX9500. For a 55 Inch 3D LED TV it has everything you could want. Superb picture, nice sound (Mum didn’t get a surround) as HD TVs go and all the connectivity you could want (including 4 HDMIs, USB and Internet Apps).

Having got Mum’s new 3D LG LED TV installed, I will go round and have a proper play, but she loves it and I think she will be watching quite a bit of TV in the coming months…I reckon all of the grandchildren will be visiting far more often as well! Bottom line, this is an outstanding TV at a real value for money price.

LG LED TV 55 Inch LX9500