55 Inch

55 Inch LED TV

I’m not sure why, but 55 Inch LED TV sets seem to be one of the most popular sizes of LED TV pruchased in America today.

I have to admit that I only have 46 Inches and have had for the last couple of years. But, I’ll freely admit to coveting something a little bigger! Over the last year I have tried to woo my Darling Wife for a Samsung UN65C8000 65 Inch 3D TV monster, and now I am casting envious eyes at the new LG Infiniatm, and they are due to release a 72 Inch 3D TV monster in mid 2011.

Yet 55 Inches seems to be the optimum size for the most people.

Why Are 55 Inch LED TV and 3D TV Sets So Popular?

Having ascertained this (stunning) fact, I set about asking a few people why they felt that this particular screen size was so popular. Here’s a distillation of the answers I got.

One of the most common answers was that this screen size made people feel that they were watching at the cinema as opposed to home. I can totally understand that you might want to try and create that cinema “feel” in the home and it is highly likely your seating will be more comfortable!

Certainly the use of surround sound systems can make the experience close enough to being at the movies for most people. And, I’ll be the first to admit Ali and I often sit down after Saturday night dinner, turn the lights low, crank up the surround sound and watch a good movie. It’s one of our treats…we do it on Sundays as well – sometimes!

Large LED TV Screen “Wow” Factor

Another common answer was that the larger the screen, the higher the “Wow” factor. Asked to quantify exactly what the “Wow” factor was, no one could give me a hard and fast answer. But, if you’re a LED TV addict or are just getting into 3D TV, then you will intuitively understand the “Wow” factor! I still marvel at my HD TV even now and I was a very early adopter.

However, if the larger the screen the high this “buzz” factor, why isn’t a 65 Inch screen more popular? Sure larger screens, like 60, 62 and 65 Inch LED TV sets do sell, but in nothing like the numbers of the 55 Inch versions.

Price Is A Factor For Larger LED TV Purchases

The thing that came through loud and clear was that for many, price in the larger set sizes has been an issue. I can understand that. You can get a top notch 55 I
nch LED, or even 3D TV for around $1,500-2,500, yet if you push into the 65 Inch screen sizes the price rockets by a grand or so.

If you look at something like the Toshiba 55UX600U, here you have a top notch 55 Inch 3D LED TV for just $1,595. O.K, it is only 120Hz, but it does have a stack of great features and connectivity and is a very, very good buy for most TV watchers other than the top end “officianados”!

If you did want to go slightly more feature rich then there are some amazing sets in the Sony and Samsung ranges and LG are really pushing the boat out to get up there amongst the premier suppliers.

Indeed, some of the new LG models have now introduced 480Hz refresh speeds, added features and great jack packs for all the connectivity but again, prices are still a little higher on the models with all the latest technology. For examples the LG 55LX9500 55 Inch 3D TV. Initially coming in at around $4,000 but prices are dropping very quickly. The last time I checked the price for this LG was below $2,200 and in my book that is an exceptionally good value for money.

The LED TV Market is Ever Changing

So, what should you do? Well the market for LED TVs is ever changing as new technology and advances in existing technology continue to move on apace.

My advice is decide what you need in terms of screen size and functionality, then compare price versus performance versus connectivity and features. Take time to visit your local showroom and take a look at the TVs you like in action. Take your time and then check online for the best price.

Generally Amazon have the best prices, but there is no harm in shopping around. I like to buy from Amazon, but of course the slight downside is that delivery can take just a little longer than if its from the store.

The bottom line though is that 55 Inch LED TVs are the most popular for a reason, and that tends to be that they offer the best mix in terms of price and performance while offering a more cinematic viewing experience that is above and beyond what smaller TV sets can offer.