So, What Is LED TV?


what is led tvWhat is LED TV? Very simply, it has two variants Edge Lit LED and Full LED, so let’s have a look at them and some of the more general benefits of LED as opposed to LCD or Plasma.

First up in what is LED TV is the Full Array LED TV. The name sort of gives this one away a little. In Full Array TV sets you’ll find that the LED lights (that light the TV and provide the image) are arranged in tight rows right across the entire surface of the screen (obviously behind the screen).

There are a few benefits of Full Array LED lighting. Firstly it allows for a much “tighter” manipulation of the screen image.


What Is LED TV – Other Considerations…

You will also find the “local dimming” feature on Full Array LED TV sets. If you haven’t seen this feature have a look, I love it! In “local dimming” the set turns off the specific LED lights in areas of the screen that are black. This means the black areas are the deepest black you can imagine. This in turn offers unbelievable contrast on the screen. The colors look amazingly bright and vibrant when seen against the true black. It really does make for a superb picture, as I said, if you haven’t seen it yet do check it out!

And overall, LED lighting provides a better quality of light to the screen which tends to offer an all-round slightly better image. Crisper, cleaner and of course that stunning contrast.


What Is LED TV – Edge Lit?

Secondly you can get Edge Lit TV sets. Again, the name is a bit of a giveaway, and so I’m sure you can guess…the LED lights only run around the very edge of the screen.

However, the nature of LED lights means that they still distribute the light evenly (pretty much) all over the screen area. The main benefit of Edge lighting method is the incredibly thin screen these designs offer you. There is a slight trade-off in that dark shades are not quite as intense as a Full Array LED TV. However, I can’t really tell the difference, I reckon you’d need a very sensitive light meter to be sure :>)

In more general terms, LED TV technology has definitely improved during the last 18 months or so. Consequently prices are starting to come down and of course sales are going up. There’s no doubt there are some fantastic deals on offer if you’re prepared to look around and be patient.

I do like to go to the store and look at TV close up as well as get a demo, but I think there are some definite advantages to buying online. The major issue online tends to be longer delivery lead times, however, sites like CompUSA are doing a lot in this area. Do check this out if you’re thinking of buying online. The main reason for going online to buy is the savings you can make. Generally 10-15% and more on certain models!



Make sure you understand the following issues:-

  • Does the price include delivery costs? If not how much is delivery?
  • Is the TV covered by warranty or do you need to buy one?
  • What are the terms of the manufacturers guarantee?
  • What is the expected lifespan of your new TV?
  • How environmentally friendly is your new LED TV?

I’m sure the advancement in LED TV technology will continue just as quickly, if not more so. For example, in the last year most new sets have included Internet Apps and are now starting to add inclusive wi-fi (about time to be fair). You should really insist on these key features.

Interestingly some technological advances don’t receive the good publicity expected. The new 480 Hz TV sets are a case in point. The screen refresh rate is supposed to offer crisper, cleaner pictures and amazing image depth. However, certain pundits have said that it is too good!

The view is that the incredible detail reveals poor CGI and poor set making by showing up detail that has hitherto been unseen. I haven’t watched much 480 Hz but in the little I have seen, I haven’t noticed this so called flaw.


What is LED TV Review

With the latest technology your new LED TV is more than just a TV, it’s become a home media centre where you can view content from a whole plethora of sources.

So, LED TV is definitely on “the up” and I believe that will continue certainly in the immediate future. So, now is as good a time as any to upgrade to LED TV. And of course a side benefit is that most new LED TV sets are 3D as well.

So, get online, get out there and view and do your research – there are some great deals around as retailers and manufacturers are very keen to sell in what is still a very slow economy. Make sure you do research thoroughly though and I am sure you will be enjoying your new 3D LED TV for many years to come. So, if you’re out to get yourself a new TV and you’re thinking about a LED TV, make sure you truly understand the answer to the question…”what is LED TV?”.


What Is LED TV