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3D TV’s evolution so far has been pretty exciting. For not only the technology itself, or rather the end products are baffling enough for the average consumer, the product too has not been without its share of ups and downs. That 3D TV’s provide for an amazing TV viewing experience is an established fact though the one thing that has not been liked by consumers is the need for them to wear special glasses to experience the 3D effect. Researchers has been quick on that and soon there emerged a segment comprising of 3D TVs based on passive 3D technology that required viewers to wear glasses that didn’t carry any battery of its own and hence were a lot lighter and easy to wear. Further development in this field led to the emergence of glasses free 3D TVs that provided with real life 3D images even when viewed with naked eyes. That said, there still is a lot of room for glasses free 3D technology to reach the level of maturity that current gen HD TVs have come to be.

3D TV Future

3D Gaining Popularity

However, it is also here that 3D TVs continue to amaze. This since 3D TV’s, in spite of all the shortcoming or the lack of adequate programs to watch on it has done remarkably well compared to HD TVs when the latter first came on to the scene. Statistics brings forth this fact more than anything else as HD TVs took almost three years to make it to 3 million homes. In comparison, the 3D TV can be considered to have fared far better as its no less than 15 million of them expected to reach US homes by end of this year itself. Further, the figure is likely to reach a staggering 30 million by end of 2013 which will make it about 1/3 of homes in the US to be 3D ready.

Of course things could have been far better but for the general lack of programs in the 3D format. There were films like Avatar, Alice In Wonderland or the more recent Avengers though these are far less than the level of programs one gets to watch on a HD TV. Then there is the confusion over active and passive technology based 3D TV which the average consumers can’t be expected to be wary of. 3D TVs also command a price premium over traditional TVs though prices have softened up a lot in recent times which too has led to greater adoption of 3D TV among consumers.

So while 3D TVs are expected to make greater inroads into the hearts and minds of people in future, what is needed the most is adequate content to view on the 3D TVs.

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