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One of the major debating points on 3D TV is the difference between the newer “cinema” 3D TV sets and the older 3D TVs that require active shutter 3D glasses. Most people now know that the cinema TVs don’t need expensive active shutter glasses and work with “cinema style” polarized glasses. But the question remains in most people’s mind…what’s the difference.

I did cover this in detail in my article Active Shutter v Polarized 3D Glasses, but I still get asked the question many times over. So, I’ve made a video which I hope will help. Here it is.

Fast Tube by Casper

Your Thoughts on 3D Glasses

If you have any comments or would like to add to the debate, please feel free to use the comments section or contact us page to drop us a line. What 3D do you have at home? Cinema or traditional? What are your experiences with 3D TV and more specifically 3D Glasses. As a wearer of spectacles I am particularly interested to hear any expereinces with Active Shutter Glasses. Are the new lighter versions more comfortable…particularly if you’re watching a lengthy movie, like Avatar.

Send us your thoughts and we’ll be happy to publish them. I look foreward to hearing about your experiences in this key area of 3D TV.



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